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Cancellation Policy

Before you sign up for a class, please read our “Before You Sign Up For Our Barefoot Massage Training” blog post. Once enrolled, look for a registration confirmation email from! At any time, you may read our frequently asked questions, and contact us for more information on any topic. We are here to help you transition to a confident Barefoot Massage therapist. These guidelines are to support healthy boundaries for all parties involved.

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The Center for Barefoot Massage Cancellation Policy 

Updated 5/24/2023


The cancellation policy becomes effective once you sign up for class. By signing up for one of our classes, your 50% retainer or payment-in-full retainer serves as a commitment to training, that you agree to the Training and Use Agreement, and you agree to the Cancellation Policy.


There are no refunds on the 50% retainer/deposit fee. All sales are final for attended classes.


You must be present for the entire course to receive NCBTMB Continuing Education credits – partial course hours are not offered. Any hours missed in class will need to be made up with the instructor, at their hourly rate. Any post-class support materials such as videos will not be provided until the hours are made up.


Non-refundable retainers of a minimum 50% are required to hold your space in a class. We hold a spot in our small training centers for you. For this reason, if you cancel, all monies paid will be retained by the Center for Barefoot Massage to offset the loss of business to the instructor of the Center for Barefoot Massage. Your retainer will not be refunded if you cancel out of your selected workshop dates. Retainers cannot be transferred to other attendees. You must meet all prerequisites for each class within 15 days of the class, or you will be removed from the roster with no refund or Roll-Over option.


The Center for Barefoot Massage reserves the right to cancel a class up to 14 days before the start date. This may happen should there not be enough interest – class minimum is 4 students, or 6 for offsite/travel classes. In the rare event that a cancellation initiated by us happens, we will either refund all tuition paid towards the associated class or transfer your retainer and registration into the next class of your convenience (class must be taken within 18 months). Classes are not guaranteed to happen – as class minimums, pandemics, and life events may interfere. The Center for Barefoot Massage will always give ample notice to any party impacted by any class cancellation and will follow the company cancellation policies.

  • 30+ days prior to class start date: no fee or penalty. If you need to move to another class date or location for any reason, your retainer will be applied to another class offered by the Center for Barefoot Massage. You will need to reschedule yourself and attend a class within 18 months from the date you originally made a payment. All unused funds expire after 18 months of purchase.

  • 16-29 days prior to class start date: a Roll-Over fee of $75 will be charged to your student account in order for your reschedule request to occur. Only in the event of an emergency with proper documentation of Covid19/illness, injury, pregnancy, death in the immediate family, or extreme weather prohibiting travel (where the airports and highways are closed) will your retainer will be allowed to be rolled over without a fee to a workshop at a later date. This special emergency consideration will be allowed one time at the discretion of the instructor, and proof must be provided in writing (including any doctors notes to show diagnoses or surgery) prior to the start of class. You will need to reschedule yourself and attend a class within 18 months from the date you originally made a payment. All unused funds expire after 18 months of purchase.

  • 2-15 days prior to class start date: Late cancellations within this window may cause a forfeit of 50% of the Retainer Fee. Any notice in this window is not eligible for rescheduling to another class/date/location – unless the situation can be documented as an emergency as explained above, and provided in writing (including any doctors notes to show diagnoses or surgery) prior to the start of class.  At the discretion of the instructor and/or Center for Barefoot Massage, if a documented emergency absence is approved, a $75 rollover fee may be charged instead of the forfeit of 50% of the retainer fee. You will need to reschedule yourself and attend a class within 18 months from the date you originally made a payment. All unused funds expire after 18 months of purchase.

  • 2-day notice / No Show: any rescheduled request within 2 days of the start of class, or an absence without any notification to the instructor or the Center for Barefoot Massage will cause a complete forfeiture of any money paid to the Center for Barefoot Massage – unable to be used towards a future class.


The “Roll-Over” fee is $75, and may be charged by the Center for Barefoot Massage, the hosting instructors’ local business, or may be withdrawn from any prepaid retainer on file.

Although the retainer fee is non-refundable, any other returned transaction (for example, the tuition remainder if you happened to pay in full) will be less 10% for processing, bank, and registration system fees.


If the instructor is traveling to a location to teach this class, rather than teaching at their home base, then the tuition rate will be +$100 more than base tuition rates listed on the website. These rates will be reflected in your course registration.


If you or someone in your household are showing COVID19 symptoms, then you will need to cancel your spot in class. Whether you let us know 6 days before class or 6 hours, your safety and well-being (as well as that of our students and staff at the training centers) are the priority, and we will work with you. Proof of a positive PCR COVID19 test provided ASAP will be required for your tuition to be rolled over to another course. Refunds are not available, Roll-Over fees will be applied.

Please make the effort to stay safe, get tested early, and practice CDC, WHO and state-recommended guidelines to help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus.


Do not purchase non-refundable or penalty-with-cancellation plane tickets until the class has been confirmed that it will take place. Your instructor will know at the latest, 14 days before class. Contact your instructor to confirm that the class will be held before purchasing the aforementioned tickets. The Center for Barefoot Massage cannot be held responsible for fees incurred when canceling a class per our policy.


The Center for Barefoot Massage Training and Use Agreement 

By attending our training workshops you will be a part of our professional family. As such, we have quality assurance and maintenance considerations to uphold the professional standards of the industry, and to prevent unauthorized instructional programs based on the content that we present.

Attendees in our classes do not have permission to teach Center for Barefoot Massage content, techniques, theory, approaches, present any form of barefoot massage with the use of overhead suspended strap(s) or reproduce any materials presented/provided in our courses.

It is essential that the purity of this work and the high-quality teaching standards established for this curriculum be upheld and honored for the continued respect of this lineage, as well as for the growth and support of our loyal FasciAshi practitioners.

By taking this training, you agree to the following:


That you are currently a Licensed Massage Therapist legally eligible to provide paid, professional therapeutic massage therapy services to the public in accordance with the laws in your state. Your massage license number and status will be verified by our staff. If your state is not regulated, then a transcript showing completion of a 200-hour entry-level massage therapy training program, as well as proof of professional liability insurance will be required. Failure to meet prerequisites within the 15-day cancellation period results in a forfeit of tuition retainer.

The words “Certified” and “Certification” mean nothing to us: to help clean up the use of that word in our industry, we are adopting an optional Endorsement process. Only by becoming an Endorsed/Certified FasciAshi Therapist, can you present yourself as a “Endorsed/Certified FasciAshi Barefoot Massage Therapist.” Taking this training does not automatically certify you as a FasciAshi practitioner and thus you will not imply that you are such, or any similar designation, in any material unless you have been fully endorsed or certified, at any level, by The Center for Barefoot Massage as a certified practitioner. (Read more about our Endorsements here)

This training does not qualify or certify you to teach myofascial ashiatsu barefoot massage, or any style of barefoot massage within any environment where you demonstrate to or train others in any capacity how to utilize these protocols, sequences, techniques, trade secrets, equipment use/design, or methods, including the suspended support strap used during a barefoot massage session. Attending our workshops or acquiring our materials does not qualify you, or give permission to teach or present FasciAshi or any style of barefoot massage/bodywork, and thus you will not imply that you are such, or any similar designation, in any format unless you have successfully passed our instructor training program that leads to status as a FasciAshi Instructor and has written consent from the creative forces behind The Center for Barefoot Massage, LLC.

You will not photocopy, publish, reprint, share or broadcast any materials from the training, in part or in whole, without the expressed written consent of its copyright holder, The Center for Barefoot Massage, LLC. Audio and video recording, as well as photographs of the class materials or techniques, are not permitted in any workshop. You will not use the protocols and techniques within this training in any form of media without the expressed written consent of The Center for Barefoot Massage, LLC.

If this agreement and our trust is broken, the following consequences may include, (but are not limited to) a Cease & Desist order, Ethics violation reports to affiliated professional boards/associations, financial damage claims, removal of access to any Center for Barefoot Massage support or future training, removal of Sole Provider directory listing, and our endorsement of your work will end.


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