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  • Missy Anderson-Fritch

Should You Get Underfoot?

Should you get a Barefoot Massage before your Barefoot Massage class?


Are you considering stepping into a Barefoot Massage Class?

You should definitely get underfoot and experience this technique before class.

It's important to have a real understanding of what Barefoot Massage feels like and what it offers you and your clients.

Want to get under our Alumni's feet?

Did you do a google search for

“Ashiatsu massage near me” but wish the results had myofascial Ashiatsu barefoot massage therapists singled out? Let us help you find where they are at! Now, not every barefoot massage therapist will choose to list in our virtual yellow pages – but those who want to be found will be there.

Here’s how you can get centered under our Sole Providers' feet:

Link here to go to the Center for Barefoot Massages' main site and find a Sole Provider near you:

You can book a session with me here:

Warning*** Once you try Myofascial Ashiatsu, (AKA FasciAshi) you won’t go back to normal massage – and our Sole Provider directory is how you’ll find those we’ve trained across the nation… you can find the Sole Provider directory on the main Center for Barefoot Massage website.

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